"Life’s good in Milan"

FC Internazionale has two players who’ve got their roots with our southern neighbours. Xian Ghislaine Emmers and Zinho Vanheusden are two Belgian players who play at the Italian club. We spoke with Vanheusden about the performance of ‘Inter’ at this years Otten Cup.

You’ve got 9 points out of three matches. What do you think about your teams’ performance thus far.
I think we’re doing a good job. We’re still preparing for the season and we trained a lot before we came over here. We’re trying to put the things we’ve trained into the matches and it’s going pretty well. We train a lot at defending, but also building op play and the fysical part.

That’s going fine. You haven’t conceded a goal.
As I said we’ve trained a lot at defending as a team. We try to hold the line and the coaches are really paying attention to it. We also watch a lot of footage to improve it even more.

Tomorrow it’s decision day.
We’re only looking at the first game. We’re playing the semifinals and after that we’ll see what it will bring us.

And how’s life for you in Italy?
Life’s good over there. During the week we’re at the club a lot, but next to that Milan is a very beautiful city too.