"In Europe they’ve got different types of players and different styles of play"

For the Argentinian club Estudiantes was this the first time at the Otten Cup. They finished last, but despite this they were very glad with the experience. After the tournament we spoke with Facundo Mura, the captain of Estudiantes.

What dit you think of the Otten Cup?
It’s a very important tournament for us. We played against big clubs from Europe, that’s important for our development.

What are the biggest differences between playing here and playing in Argentina?
The type of football is very different. In Argentina we play very intense, it’s very emotional. We play with a lot of passion. In europe they’ve got different types of players and different styles of play. Sometimes it’s better, sometimes not.

What did you think about your teams’ performance?
We finished last, but we work hard every day to improve. What I can see in my team is that everyone is thinking very positive. If we maintain doing that, we will improve our play and we will reach better results in the future. I’m not completely satisfied with my own performance. In the first match I received a red card. That’s not the type of player that I am. I always respect other players and referees and I don’t usually receive red cards. After that first match I’m satisfied, but I can always do better.

Have you played abroad before?
This is the first tournament we play in europe. Before we did play in Japan and in Qatar. Luckily we have the opportunities to play abroad, but this was our first time in europe. This tournament was very well organised. We received our food, drinks, etc. Also in the hotel everything was very well organised. We are very happy that we had the possibility to participate in this tournament.